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Understanding our Community Tool


The ‘Understanding our Community Tool’ provides organizations that are Members of Mississauga Health Ontario Health Team as well as care providers in Mississauga, access to a centralized resource, with data and insights on Mississauga’s demographics and populations by neighborhoods.

These tools can be used by Mississauga Health Members to assist them in health system decision-making and planning, thus improving health outcomes within our region and among Mississauga’s populations.

The launch of this tool represents the first step in Mississauga Health’s multi-year data strategy roadmap and framework.

This tool complements other tools created by our partners, including the Peel Public Health Data Zone Information Tool which displays data specific to the Peel population.

Our Commitment to Data Sovereignty

We commit to respecting Indigenous data sovereignty and ensuring the rights of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities to own, govern, and control their data. This involves incorporating Indigenous data sovereignty principles into all aspects of health data processes and striving to implement Indigenous Primary Health Care Council (IPHCC) frameworks across Ontario healthcare entities. Recognizing Indigenous data sovereignty as essential to upholding Indigenous rights and improving health outcomes, we affirm the right of Indigenous peoples to manage data derived from their lands and communities.

Our commitment involves not utilizing Indigenous data in this tool until thoughtful review and engagement with Indigenous communities can occur, aligning with the future development of a Mississauga Health Anti-Indigenous Racism Plan.

Who can use this tool?

This tool is intended to serve as a resource for policymakers, decision-makers and others in the Peel region that are interested in learning more about the communities we serve within the Region, Mississauga and Mississauga Health, Mississauga’s Ontario Health Team, and hospitals.


The following are the tool’s primary audiences:

  • Mississauga Health Planning Tables, to support timely insights and can help translate strategic plans into actions across the health team’s population Examples: Deciding where to locate an integrated clinic for people without family doctors, targeted cancer screening events).
  • Mississauga Health Members, to support advocating for health system planning, strategies, integrated approaches to address gaps in care.

While this tool is intended for health system planning, for transparency on the data being used, we have made the information available to the public.

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